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11th Nov '13

Fan Review

Corinne Morris in Concert
Corinne gave her first official concert since the release of her CD Macedonian Sessions and returning to the platform after a major shoulder injury halted her career for several years. Read… read more »


30th Oct '13

New Website Live!

Corinne Morris
Corinne's new website is now live! Discover her latest recordings (Macedonian Sessions) and read about her journey from injury to relaunch and how she has managed to re-ignite her… read more »


29th Oct '13

New Video from Macedonian Sessions

Corinne Morris Cellist
  Filmed during the recording of Macedonian Sessions with Corinne Morris cello. Discover the other tracks to the album by clicking on Corinne's YouTube… read more »


21st Oct '13

Planet Hugill reviews Macedonian Sessions

“Throughout the disc I was struck by Morris's elegant style and fine-grained singing tone and I look forward to hearing her further.” Prominent classical music blog Planet Hugill has… read more »


14th Oct '13

Macedonian Sessions – Corinne Morris’s re-launch album

Corinne Morris Macedonian Sessions
Corinne Morris, the British/French Cellist releases her 're-launch' album Macedonian Sessions to mark her comeback to performing after a debilitating shoulder injury halted her career for… read more »