Symptoms & Injury

Unfortunately the injury that left Corinne unable to play her cello is not uncommon amongst performing musicians. The intense schedule of a freelance musician means often playing 9-10 hours per day. This exposes the body to repetitive strain injuries similar to athletes’. Corinne’s symptoms began with sharp pains that affected her sleep and left her unable to perform simple tasks. Unfortunately, unlike the sports world, the response from the industry to such pains was ‘if it hurts, you are not practicing enough’. Ignoring the symptoms due to a busy schedule, Corinne continued to play for a year before the intensity of the pain forced her to stop. Doctors suggested the only option was surgery. Unwilling to take that action, Corinne decided to stop playing altogether. With cancelled concerts came financial troubles, and when the 19th century cello that she had been playing on had to be sold, the door of music suddenly slammed shut.

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