As Corinne began to open up to family and friends about her emotional state, her passion for music started to resurface. She made peace with her circumstances and re-introduced music in her life through composition. She purchased a student cello and composed several song titles for film music. Listening to music was beginning to bring her joy again.

During this time, there was a thought that would not leave her, ‘There must be a better way than surgery’. Endlessly searching for potential solutions, she stumbled upon the world of sports medicine. She discovered many parallels between athletes and musicians, in terms of the physical strains on the body. She began working with a sports therapist, using a treatment called Active Release Techniques (ART), who assured her that she could recover the full use of her shoulder. After 18 months of treatment and a change of lifestyle to incorporate more sport, she regained use of her shoulder enough to regularly practice and eventually perform again.

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