The Early Years

At two years old, Corinne was full of energy. It was only by playing Chopin that her parents were able to settle her down, at least for the length of the piece. It’s not surprising that music is such an integral part of her DNA, it has played a major role in the family for at least three generations. Her great-great grandfather a professional musician, played for Queen Victoria on several occasions. While her parents never went on to be professional musicians, there was always music in the house, and a piano and violin in the household.

By the age of five, Corinne’s constant fascination with the piano – she would gently touch the keys and listen in awe to the sounds they made – encouraged her parents to start lessons. Her natural affinity for it impressed both teachers and family alike. They began taking her to classical concerts by age 7, and by age 8 she had fallen in love with the Cello. After seeing it in orchestras, there was something about the tone, depth and size that made her confidently announce that she was going to be a cellist, even though her mother tried to encourage her to play violin, as there was one in the family. Corinne had made up her mind, and she stubbornly and excitedly made the cello her instrument of choice.

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